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Display Ads

It’s one of the simplest ways to get your name out there. One good thing about banner ads is that they have eye-catching designs that make them easy to read. Run a promotion on our site for this. We have different banner sizes to meet your needs. Some of the most common ad sizes are 468*60, 300*250, 728*90, and 300*600. Get in touch with us for more info.

On our website, we accept all kinds of paid advertising ads.

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Subject of the Guest Posting Article

Topic: The topic must be related to the niche of our website so that it is easy for people to read.

Title & Summary: 50–60 characters for the title, and 140 for the summary/description.

Length of the Article: The text should be at least 800 to 1000 words long.

Keywords: You can’t use too many keywords. The keyword rate should be between 1% and 2%.

Links: You can have one do-follow link and one no-follow link.

For people to understand, the content needs to be original and clear. The material you post can’t be advertising. Everyone likes helpful information, so your content needs to have useful information for people to use. Content that is 100% original and well-written will be praised.

It has to be completely unique. If we found a copy of your article on the Internet, we wouldn’t post it (we use Google and Plagiarism Checker – Copyscape Premium version). You should value other people’s work as much as we do.

Editorial: We are allowed to make any changes we want to the article.

Time to Publish: You have 24 hours to publish your work.


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